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Current Secure Placement 

Admissions: LOS: ADP: 500   Cost/day: $  

Annual Cost: $ 54,750,000  

Targeted reductions with I-CCAP: 
Reduce admissions by %
Reduce LOS by %
Marginal increase in cost %


Projected Secure Placement:
Admissions: 435  LOS: 329  ADP: 392  Cost/day: $330

Annual Cost: $ 47,216,400

Additional Service Costs 
(for youths diverted from secure placement)

Community Supervision: % of Diverted:   Adm: 65  LOS:   ADP: 32 
Cost/day: $  Annual Cost: $ 876,000

Intermediate Community Intervention: % of Diverted:   Adm: 44  LOS:   ADP: 11 
Cost/day: $  Annual Cost: $ 401,500

Intensive Community Intervention: % of Diverted:   Adm: 21  LOS:   ADP: 5 
Cost/day: $  Annual Cost: $ 273,750
I-CCAP Implementation Cost: $

Total Additional Costs: $ 1,399,750 

Improved Performance 

Recidivism Reduction Savings: Agency Recidivism Rate:   Number returns: 150
Target Rate Reduction:   # Fewer Returns: 30
Recidivism Reduction Savings: $ 1,642,500

Cost Savings: Current secure cost ($ 54,750,000) less reduced secure cost ($ 47,216,400) plus additional community cost ($ 1,399,750) and performance savings (recidivism reduction - 1,642,500)=

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Instructions for Using the I-CCAP Cost Saving Calculator

This tools helps you quickly estimate the level of agency cost saving likely through the implementation of I-CCAP. Change the numbers at will. Click on the calculate button or simply hit enter to update the costs.

When the Calculator first opens, it is populated with a senario for a typical agency. You are free to change the numbers in any text box to adapt them to better reflect the situation in your agency.

Current Secure Placement
Enter the numbers of annual admissions to your secure facilities, the average length of stay, and the daily cost..The average daily population and the annual cost is automatically calculated.

Targeted reductions with I-CCAP
Implementation of I-CCAP allows the agency to become more cost effective by using secure beds only for youths that require this level of security. Research conducted by Martinez Tjaden, LLP in various agencies found that typically over 20% of the youths in secure facilities are at low or medium the risk of reoffending. The default scenario targets 13% of the youths for release -- all low or medium risk. The Length of stay is also targeted for a 10% reduction.

Additional Service Costs
Many agencies have recently reduced placements in secure facilities without significantly enhancing community services. While that is possible without repercussion for low risk offenders, releasing higher risk offenders without services can jeopardize public safety. Thus, the I-CCAP calculator includes enhanced community service. In the default scenario, all youths diverted from secure placement are placed on community supervision for six months. In this scenario, all of the low risk and half of the medium risk offenders receive intermediate intervention services (67%), and other half of the medium risk offenders receive intensive intervention services (33%).

Improved Performance
Research shows that if youths receive services that target their individually identified needs (as trained by I-CCAP), their risk of reoffending can be reduced by up to 40%. Agency recidivism rates typically range from 30 to 50 percent. The default scenario specifies a 30% agency recidivism rate. The targeted reduction is half the maximum. The calculator also recognizes that many of the recidivists have aged out of the juvenile system. Thus the reduction in returns and costs was adjusted downward by 50%.

Cost Savings
Narrative summarizes the cost calculation results.

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