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I-CCAP Services

Martinez Tjaden offers an integrated set of products and services designed to support full implementation of the I-CCAP system. Core I-CAPP services encompass three types of support for youth-serving organizations: Computer-based resources, staff training and technical assistance. These services, which are outlined below, can be flexibly adapted to meet the needs of a wide range of organizations working to improve outcomes for at-risk youth

I-CCAP Computer Resources

Martinez Tjaden provides an integrated software package that supports automated assessment, service planning and case management. Automation liberates users from time-consuming data entry, reporting and analysis tasks. It allows staff to spend more time on individual youth and encourages data-based decision-making throughout an agency. Depending on its capabilities and needs, an agency (or collaborative organization) can opt to integrate the software package into its existing MIS or utilize the web-based I-CCAP software system developed by Martinez Tjaden. In either case, the I-CCAP system's features include the following:

I-CCAP Training

In response to clients' need for cost-effective training, Martinez Tjaden has developed and refined a two-tiered I-CCAP training system. The training is designed to meet the information needs not only of direct users of I-CCAP (such as case managers or counselors), but also those of administrators, supervisors and internal training and coaching staff. Learn more about the I-CCAP training approach and curriculum.

I-CCAP Technical Assistance

We provide customized technical assistance to organizations interested in implementing I-CCAP. Typically, this assistance includes a review of current policies and procedures to ensure that operations are consistent with I-CCAP's evidence-based approach to working with troubled youth. An important element of this front-end assistance is examining the organization's automated data management systems and determining the most efficient and cost-effective way to implement I-CCAP's automated assessment and service planning components. We also provide technical assistance on an as-needed basis throughout the implementation of I-CCAP to ensure greater fidelity to its evidence-based concepts and tools.